Vichy and the surrounding region

an inspirational region

Dazzling, majestic, varied: Auvergne’s natural landscapes have long fascinated mankind. Auvergne is a veritable mosaic of land with a tremendous range of biodiversity and a unique natural and cultural heritage: an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the culinary creations of Chef Jacques Decoret.

Local landscapes offer beautifully contrasting compositions of colour and form. The Forest of Tronçais, the fields and woodlands of the Bocage Bourbonnais and the volcanoes of the Chaine des Puys are just some of the features of this wonderfully expressive area which Martine and Jacques Decoret seek to convey every day. Their restaurant’s cuisine is a genuine and heartfelt tribute to this region and its abundance of high-quality products.

A tribute to Allier’s abundance

Originally from Allier, Martine and Jacques Decoret have remained faithful to a land with a rich historical, natural and culinary heritage. With more than 570 châteaux including Lapalisse, Allier was marked by the Bourbon Restoration. Its royal influence is clear to see in local towns and villages, medieval architecture, Romanesque churches (the magnificent Priory of Souvigny, a Cluniac priory) and Renaissance style. The region is home to Saint-Pourçain and its vineyards, Charroux (one of the “most beautiful villages in France”), Moulins, an artistic and historic city, and the unmissable stylish, gourmet city of Vichy, of course.

Nature is equally important, from the beautiful Forest of Tronçais in the north, the central bocages with their fields and woodlands and Limagne with its Tuscan feel in the south, all dominated by the Bourbonnais Mountain to the east.

Martine and Jacques Decoret deliver their own singular and subtle vision of this area, paying delicious tribute to the Bourbonnais region and turning their restaurant into a source of local pride and an ambassador for the department as its only Michelin-starred restaurant.


Hailing from Allier, with its royal history, Jacques and Martine chose to open their property in a town known as the “Queen of spa towns”: Vichy.

Its opera, perhaps the most beautiful in France, and its mansions with their varied architecture (Renaissance Venetian, Russian dacha, Louisiana chalets, Haussmann palaces, neo-Gothic buildings and more) give it a distinguished feel and an undefinable charm. Stroll along the Allier river or around the beautiful parks with their century-old trees and wander around the pedestrianised streets, filled with shops: Vichy offers both a relaxed way of life and a stimulating atmosphere. Its facilities and all the natural, medical benefits of its springs have made the city a popular destination for anyone looking for healing. Offering genuine hospitality, the Decoret family focuses on the culinary well-being of its guests.

A key point
within a golden gastronomic triangle

When it comes to the French art of living, both in terms of culinary excellence and incredible hospitality, there lies a golden triangle between Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes. This area is home to 3 of the most highly regarded restaurants in France: Maison Decoret, Le Bois sans Feuilles, the latest restaurant from the Troisgros family in Ouches near Roanne and Régis and Jacques Marcon’s restaurant in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid in the southwest.

These two restaurants are also part of Martine and Jacques Decoret’s story: they represent stages in their lives during which their culinary vocation took shape. Working for the Troisgros family and then for Régis Marcon after the Bocuse d’Or competition in 1995, they contributed to the success of these restaurants. Together, these three restaurants have bolstered this region’s unique culinary treasures and talent and offer an inspiring culinary journey.