Details and timetable for cookery classes

Opening the door to Jacques Decoret’s kitchens

Tasting, imagining, testing, creating and presenting: that’s the daily life of Michelin-starred chef Jacques Decoret, along with the values which are so important to the restaurant’s philosophy: sharing and imparting. Guests are invited to enjoy a complete, immersive experience based on the cuisine created by Jacques Decoret. Guests can do more than just taste delicious, high-quality dishes: they can understand how they’re made.

Chef Jacques Decoret is approachable and loves to meet new people: he opens the doors of his kitchen to anyone who wants to explore “behind the scenes” of a renowned gastronomic address, to admire the team in action and to find out the secrets of the very best chefs. It is a truly magical place, an artists' workshop and a laboratory of flavours.

Classes and demonstrations
with the Chef

The plan:
observing and sharing culinary techniques

One Monday per month, Jacques Decoret and his team organise demonstrations in front of a group of relentlessly curious gourmets in the inspiring setting of the property’s professional kitchen. During this demonstration, led by the Chef in person, the participants will spend the day observing the preparation of 5 dishes (amuse-bouche, starter, meat, fish and dessert) while learning about the culinary techniques and the distinctive nature of seasonal products.

Each class has a particular focus: lobster, Valentine’s Day, mushrooms, Easter, etc. After the demonstration, each participant will have lunch with the Chef who will share his knowledge and answer all questions in his usual simple, humorous style.

That’s what makes him so great: his humility and his openness,” explains Francine Cartier, who is taking part in her thirteenth session. “That’s not the case with everyone. Even with his staff, he never raises his voice, which is reflected in the atmosphere.” extract from the newspaper La Montagne.

Details and bookings:

Classes are held once a month on Monday from 8.30am to 12.30pm. Lunch follows from 12.30pm to 3pm; participants may invite a guest to the meal, if they so wish.